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The mortgage world is changing, so get ready to change with it

We regularly hear people these days telling us about the benefits of thinking outside the box, whether it’s in relation to a job application, the purchase of our weekly groceries or even the way we make a cup of coffee. Thinking outside the box – whatever the ‘box’ might actually be – represents an important […]
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Planning for the right retirement starts now

Have you really thought about what you will do when you retire? This is a question that millions of people are asked every year, but very few of them have any fixed, concrete answers. One of the reasons for this is that retirement is something of a fuzzy, woolly concept, one that’s centred on general […]
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Stick or twist? Your attitude to investment risk really matters

We’ve all seen those movies or read those books featuring powerful, strident individuals who have gone all gung-ho in the stock market and reaped seemingly unbelievable benefits in the process. And while the idea of doing something yourself might seem attractive, you have to be aware of the pitfalls should you get things wrong. Taking […]
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When to seek help from a qualified financial advisor

There are some tasks in life which most of us will attempt to do ourselves, and some that are best left to the experts. A significant proportion of motorists will try their hand at changing a wheel when they have a flat tyre, for example, but very few of them would even consider repairing a […]
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Time to start questioning your spending?

We’ve all been hearing report after report in the press and broadcast media about the cost of living at the moment, and how so many people seem to be feeling the pinch. The last few years have seen us paying more for petrol, supermarket shops and energy than before. For men and women right across […]
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